How you can help:

It is only with the help and generosity of our donors that we are able to offer an affordable, high-quality classical guitar festival each year and still provide outreach to the community thru:

  1. Scholarships to individual students in need of assistance with tuition.
  2. Visits to public school guitar program to supplement classroom studies.
  3. Concerts in retirement communities for those who no longer attend public performances.

Scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need. Our tuition is one of the most affordable among music festivals, but there are those who need additional help. Age, skill level or finances are not impediments to those desiring to enhance their abilities and pursue their interests.

Our visits to public school guitar programs offer additional teaching experiences that support their curriculum. Our artists inspire students to continue their studies and many go on to become guitar educators.

Those in retirement homes love our performances and always have about a half hour of questions. We love watching them come alive as they enjoy the music and the guitarists interact with them. Their smiles are our reward.

Please help us to continue to provide an experience that profoundly affects the lives of these budding musicians and to continue our outreach to the community.

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